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[Spears] Former #Spurs star @TonyParker tells @TheUndefeated he is retiring from the #NBA after 18 seasons and is “not going to play basketball anymore.”

已在联盟征战18个赛季的法国球星托尼-帕克告诉媒体The Undefeated:“我决定退役了,我决定不再打篮球了。”


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam N7Brendan 2320 points 15 hours ago

Damn, wow. Easy HOF.


[–][TOR] Bruno Caboclo austinkelly70[S] 50 points 14 hours ago

First Ballot for sure


[–]Mavericks Aikidi 51 points 14 hours ago

I feel it's easy for people to forget he was a legit top 3 MVP candidate for a bit there. Unreal point guard.


[–][POR] Damian Lillard Familyguy35 1029 points 15 hours ago

That damn spin move was so legendary. Was underrated most of his career imo


[–]chip-butty 13 points 13 hours ago

Going warp speed to the other end of the court, spinning past a defender and floating in a layup was Peak Parker Plays


[–]Spurs wh1036 53 points 14 hours ago

Same here. As a short guy, watching videos of Tony Parker and Steve Nash in the paint helped me be halfway decent in pick up games.


[–]Spurs HereComesJustice 48 points 14 hours ago

Dont forget his hesitation move that set up his floaters


[–]Rockets PaintByLetters 43 points 12 hours ago

Personally, I think his greatest skill was keeping his dribble alive until the absolute last moment. Such a simple concept, but so many guys stop their dribble early and then run into a tough decision that results in turnover.


[–][BOS] Kyrie Irving Destryer200 18 points 11 hours ago

Reminds me of his shot against the Heat in game 1 of the 13 finals. Literally kept his dribble until the last moment to make his game-winner possible.


[–]Spurs s86ahmed 78 points 13 hours ago

In 2014 game 5, he hit 7/7 shots in Q4 to help the spurs close out that game.


[–][POR] Damian Lillard Familyguy35 345 points 14 hours ago

My favorite thing and also what I hated about him is how in control he always was. Never seem to get rattled and made the right plays


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam dmix 217 points 14 hours ago

The Spurs way. Parker played a big role in that.

Idk why he didn’t just retire in San Antonio. But it sounds like he thought he could pull off another good year or two in a new environment which is admirable he still had fight in him.



[–]Spurs kograkthestrong 65 points 13 hours ago

Agreed. Doe hard Spurs fan and HUGE Tony fan. Hurt when he left but he wanted more and thought he had more. Got to respect that. I hope he gets a one day contract lol


[–]Trail Blazers mm825 52 points 14 hours ago

2010's might be the golden age of point guards, but the generation right before, Young Rondo, Young Rose, Tony, CP, DWill, Nash and Chauncy were so much fun. Their games in the late 2000's were all unique and entertaining.


[–]Cavaliers Shalom_Goyim 18 points 13 hours ago

I remember growing up when Nash, Kidd, Parker, Rondo, DWill etc were basically using Assist numbers as a dick measuring contest. Each day who's going to make 10 15 assists.


[–][TOR] Dell Curry ModernPoultry 68 points 15 hours ago

Charlotte will definitely retire his jersey as well


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam N7Brendan 112 points 15 hours ago

Much like Cleveland and Wade


[–][DAL] Dirk Nowitzki RamRiz1302 77 points 15 hours ago

Also Chicago and wade


[–]Raptors terranitdown 133 points 15 hours ago

Are you talking about Chicago Bulls legend Dwyane Wade?


[–][TOR] Hakeem Olajuwon DirtyDanoTho 48 points 15 hours ago

No that's another guy you're thinking of


[–]Heat miketrollson 75 points 15 hours ago

Oh wow it's Raps legend himself, Hakeem Olajuwon!


[–]Raptors TheHypeTravelsInc 81 points 15 hours ago

Celtics legend Shaquille O’Neal has entered the chat


[–][CHI] Ryan Arcidiacono jordonkry 65 points 15 hours ago

Spurs Legend Tracy McGrady


[–]Throwaway158531 66 points 15 hours ago

Grizzlies legend Allen Iverson


[–][BOS] John Havlicek aywhosyodaddy 68 points 15 hours ago

Rockets legend Carmelo Anthony



[–]Spurs Apocalypticlit 632 points 15 hours ago

Wow. I mean the Big 3 era ended when Duncan retired, and again when Ginobili retired, and again when Tony went to Charlotte, but like, now it's really over. Goodbye legend, thanks for everything!


[–]Spurs sharkybyte101 14 points 15 hours ago

Shit I'm old... I remembered debating with my buddy in college if the Spurs should get Kidd and trade TP since he was too young to be the Spurs PG.

Aaaaand now he's retired.



[–][TOR] Jose Calderon arashtp 211 points 14 hours ago

Wait till Pop retires.


[–]Spurs geosensation 60 points 14 hours ago

and it will be really-really-really over once pop is gone.


[–][OKC] Eric Maynor Ibaka_flocka 990 points 15 hours ago

Pop the final one of the Spurs dynasty left


[–][PHI] Jrue Holiday buhmmquita 354 points 15 hours ago

Holy shit. That's really weird to think about


[–]Spurs BarrackLesnar 280 points 15 hours ago

He'll make another start of a dynasty before he leaves.


[–]Kings YouuCantSeeMe 128 points 15 hours ago

Nephews these days don’t understand how much of a beast TP was from like 07-12ish, was top 3 PG in the league. So reliable.

Great career, 4 rings, 2007 Finals MVP.


[–]Spurs Cruex24 57 points 15 hours ago

In his prime when he drove the offense he was a top 10-15 player in the league


[–]Warriors swooshnb 20 points 15 hours ago

Best french basketball player of all-time, easy. Witnessing him play in San Antonio and with the French Team was amazing. As a french guy that loves basketball, Thank you Tony !


[–]Cantbearsedman 10 points 15 hours ago

Michael Jordan of France. Great career!



[–]Spurs NFL-GoodellEvilKing 1086 points 15 hours ago



[–]Timberwolves Morezingis 375 points 15 hours ago

All the remnants of the west superpowers are gone now. Is anyone left from the Spurs/Mavs/Lakers rivalries? Only Pau is still kind of hanging around.


[–][TOR] Danny Green Dragonsandman 249 points 15 hours ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Pau retires soon as well.


[–]zxc123zxc123 127 points 14 hours ago

Pau probably the biggest name.

Also Tyson Chandler? I don't know how big a role you would put him in those Spurs/Mavs/Lakers rivalry, but I always felt he had a big role in the Mavs championship run holding down the defense to give Dirk more leeway on offense. One of the reasons the Mavs felt older and poorer defense defense was because he left.



[–]Mavericks rustyphish 27 points 15 hours ago

I love Tyson, but I really don't think he counts. He was only there for the one year.


[–]Pistons XolorJZ 65 points 15 hours ago

JJ Barea was there for a lot of it.


[–][BOS] Dee Brown jknuts1377 41 points 14 hours ago

Don't forget about the Suns in that rivalry, too. Nash, Stoudamire, Marion, Diaw, Bell, Barbosa, etc. It's sad they're all retired now.


[–][SAS] Tim Duncan Dsarg_92 40 points 15 hours ago

We are definitely entering a new era.


[–]zp800 37 points 14 hours ago

So, that's three NBA legends that retired after this 2018-2019 season! Dwyane Wade (2003-2019), Dirk Nowitzki (1998-2019), and Tony Parker (2001-2019).



[–]jonsnowKITN 862 points 15 hours ago

Wow that came out of nowhere


[–]Kittens4Brunch 28 points 15 hours ago

Vince Carter is 100 times older and he's still playing.


[–][TOR] Bruno Caboclo austinkelly70[S] 27 points 15 hours ago

Didn't expect him to retire a Hornet


[–]Pelicans LookLikeUpToMe 866 points 15 hours ago

That one year in Charlotte really did a number on him


[–][CHA] Kemba Walker Kraze_F35 303 points 15 hours ago

we broke him


[–]Tonik3244 82 points 15 hours ago

He seemed to have fun there


[–][CHA] Kemba Walker Kraze_F35 116 points 15 hours ago

honestly it's not too surprising. He didn't really play for the last quarter of the season. He took the decision to step back and let our young guys play more.


[–]Spurs onamonapizza 114 points 15 hours ago

Which sucked because the whole reason he went to Charlotte was that he felt like he still had plenty left in the tank and wanted to play.

San Antonio offered him the same contract but he knew he would be stuck in a mentor role to guys like Murray, White, and Forbes...and he ended up getting stuck in that role anyways.

Ironically, if he had stayed with the Spurs, he actually probably would have played plenty after Murray went down and White had nagging injuries.




[–][LAL] Shaquille O'Neal KingdomK10 162 points 15 hours ago

It‘s kinda sad when legends remain with one team for most of their career and then end up somewhere random in their last seasons.

Malone in LA, Hakeem in Toronto, Ewing in Orlando. I wish they would’ve been able to retire with their original teams.



[–]NBA citizenzac 642 points 15 hours ago

I wish he'd have retired last year.


[–]Spurs Strider_Hardy 287 points 14 hours ago

Tbf he might be thinking the same.


[–][CLE] Foots Walker seanzytheman 165 points 12 hours ago

As far as I’m concerned he did retire last year. He just spent his first year of retirement playing some pickup ball at the Charlotte YMCA


[–]Raptors ClashQuester 73 points 15 hours ago

Enjoy retirement Tony. He really should've stayed with the Spurs for the last season but no one foretold Murray going down with that injury and minutes opening up