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Bob Myers is very choked up announcing thatKD has an achilles injury: "I don't believe that there's anybody to blame,but I understand this world and if you have to, you can blame me. I run ourbasketball operations department."




[–]ChrisE007 2181 points 23 hours ago

KD looked so happy to be out there too.Ughhhh I hope he can recover from this


[–][LAL] Lonzo Ballbobberr 5665 points 21hours ago

Man what a shit feeling


[–]Billybobjoethorton 922 points 20 hoursago*

I wouldn't blame any player if they stoppedtrusting doctors anymore.

Edit: Getting attacked by doctors

I just meant in terms of athletes gettingbashed by fans, media, teammates, etc when they don't play if they are clearedby doctors. All I am saying is if a player is in anyway hesitant or doesn'tfeel right, then they should trust their own body more regardless of whatdoctors say.

No way am I an anti vaxxer. Taking risk ina sport game is different from a doctor diagnosing you with a fatty liver.





[–]76ersBudotsKing 433 points 23 hours ago*

Who are they going to trust with theirhealth? Doctors are like the most qualified people to trust your health with.Sometimes they make mistakes but it doesnt disprove they are the best.

Edit: I meant doctors in general not theteam doctors. Obviously you need to do some due diligence when of choosing theright doctor for the job.



[–]MakeUhmSay 309 points 23 hours ago

And we obviously don’t have all theinformation, but I’d be very surprised if Durant wasn’t pushing hard to play inthis game.


[–]Supersonicsseeker_of_knowledge 209points 23 hours ago

I think not trusting TEAM doctors is thekey. Get your own doctor who is looking out for you and cant be pressured bythe team to let you play etc.


[–]Wizardssteelers821 247 points 23 hoursago

They hated Kawhi for it but now they allsee



[–]CelticsTheMadManFiles 608 points 20hours ago

That's a real leader right there, the manat the top is supposed to take the blame in these types of situations. This iswhat makes great leadership in any type of environment.


[–]RaptorsLiterallyKesha 122 points 19hours ago

Bob was extremely professional tonight.


[–]76ersNoCampaign7 3501 points 20 hoursago

Seeing the video and Bob Myer's reactionthis is almost definitely an achilles tear. Really sucks. It'll be interestingto see how and when KD comes back and how it'll effect his free agency.


[–]NetsBrobman11 1764 points 20 hours ago

KD is still getting a max. Players cancomeback from Achilles injuries and at minimum the Warriors should offer himthe max. Other teams will also be willing to take the risk. It doesn't have tobe a Kobe situation in terms of dropoff in ability.


[–]76ersNoCampaign7 827 points 20 hours ago

He'll get a max but KD's injury certainlyaffects free agency. Let's say KD still wants to go to and sign with theKnicks, would the Knicks be bold enough to make an AD trade knowing that KDwon't be there most of if not all of the year they have to convince AD toresign? Would the Lakers be willing to max KD knowing it'll essentially meanyour wasting a year of LeBron's career? How does KD's injury affect what KyrieIrving will do with the rumors that the two of them might have wanted to teamup?


[–]Lakersbiglegspluskarate 367 points 20hours ago

Man this sucks, I’m with you on KD gettingmaxed but I heard Windhorst on his last podcast say that re-signing KD wouldcost the Warriors $183 million in tax alone. Certainly a tough decision for thewarriors to make.



[–]Warriorswavetoyou 1062 points 20 hoursago

Kobe was also 35 when he tore his. KD is30. People should be bringing up Rudy Gay, who has been pretty damn good sincereturning.


[–]Spurshighvoltzage 534 points 20 hoursago

Facts, not all injuries have to end up thesame


[–][GSW] Stephen CurryMakaveliOG 2390points 20 hours ago

Never seen Bob Myers so choked up. Hopeit’s not a torn Achilles


[–][OKC] Russell WestbrookNobodyRules 1374points 20 hours ago

KD was so unlucky man. Sometimes this shitisn't fair. He put his body on the line for his team and this shit happened.

Much respect to him, what a fucking pro. Ihope he can come back being the same monster he's always been.



[–]Warriors0hootsson 1138 points 20 hoursago

That’s one of the most painful pressconferences I’ve ever seen. Just heartbreaking



[–]Spursheyyitsmike 1198 points 20 hoursago3

"KD is one of the most misunderstoodpeople"

When he said that (and also the way he saidit), I felt a lot of guilt about my own self. Even when I go around on r/nbalooking at memes about KD or joining in on the "FUCK KD" train, thatBob Myers quote really hit a chord on me. I understand a lot of it are just funand games, but sometimes it gets too far and I feel genuinely fucked up rightnow.

This isn't about "oh boo hoo Warriorsgot so much success already, quit complaining". This isn't about "ohKD joined a 73-9 team". It ain't about any of those narratives. It's justabout KD as a human being. Dude has feelings and he's been through a lot - Idon't care if it was self-inflicted or whatever - it doesn't change the factthat this is a guy that's simply playing basketball. We crucify him on everylevel and I think there comes a time where we really do cross the line as NBAfans.

With that said, I'm gonna formallyapologize here to KD for being such a dick and at the end of the day, hedeserves to be treated as a human being.