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Giannis is about to win his first MVP and no one cares.


The league has ruined this award...I remember the times when D-Rose winning it was a very big deal and now? The timing is so awful, feels like a post scriptum award.

Hey there! GSW are destroyed, Raptors are the champions, AD is about to be a laker, Kyrie is one foot inside the Barclays arena, the draft is approaching, free agency is about to break out! P.S. Giannis is last season’s mvp.




[–]Raptors GlassCleaner 487 points 14 hours ago

same last year when Dwayne Casey got coach of the year after getting swept and fired.


[–]Garntus 5979 points 17 hours ago

Yeah, placing the award ceremony after the play-offs is incredibly dumb.

Back when the award was handed out during the play-offs, the MVP got their due credit then immediately had to prove they earned it.

At this point, Giannis' team has long since been eliminated and no one even remembers the regular season.




[–]Warriors daboonie9 34 points 14 hours ago

Also... the fans have a chance to celebrate with the player before a game. This completely robs everyone of that celebration.


[–]Warriors HappyCrabDay 8 points 11 hours ago

I agree the timing isn't good, but I believe one of the reasons is to save players some embarrassment, for example if the MVP gets bounced in the playoffs before he even receives his trophy. Maybe they could do it right after the season ends and before the post-season begins.


[–]supersteve32 108 points 13 hours ago

Yeah, placing the award ceremony after the play-offs is incredibly dumb.

I will never understand how the league doesn't grasp this concept. People give many fewer shits after the season is over with.



[–]76ers SonicdaSloth 103 points 13 hours ago

they are trying to make it a 12 month thing, but this isn't necessary. The championship runs into the draft which runs into FA then Summer League.

Watching AI host his MVP at home in '01 playoffs was an awesome moment. Should 100% go back to that



[–]Heat CorrineontheCobb 31 points 10 hours ago

It also diminishes the importance of the league. A year long league is never ending and becomes tiresome.


[–]Supersonics SchmittyS21 1827 points 16 hours ago

I hope silver and board of governors see Reddit. I have Faith in silver and his progressive changes


[–]Nasher97 1036 points 14 hours ago

If they make changes the first one should be to hand the trophy to the players and not the corporations that own the team. So stupid.


[–]East the-pax 21 points 12 hours ago

Silver is the one who MADE this change. It’s all part of making the NBA a 365-day a year spectacle.



[–]Mavericks mavericksfan1000 1136 points 17 hours ago

Agreed. It used to be special to see the MVP winner celebrating with the fans, and it also allowed that player to have a target on his back in the playoffs, motivating opposing players to perform.


[–][CHI] Cameron Payne Cousin_SadBoy 19 points 12 hours ago

Back in high school I randomly got offered to go to the Bulls-Hawks playoff game where Rose got his MVP trophy in insane seats (9th row center court). One of the coolest experiences I'll ever have.


[–][MIA] Justise Winslow Got_Too_Much_Dayum 665 points 14 hours ago

Hakeem destroying DRob after seeing him win MVP is the stuff of legends.


[–]ZoroVinci 20 points 12 hours ago*

Jordan vs Malone in the finals after Malone won MVP in 1997 was epic.


[–]Mavericks mavericksfan1000 193 points 14 hours ago

Exactly, but Silver’s NBA can’t contain those moments with the award show happening after the Finals. SMH


[–]NBA GetTheLedPaintOut 120 points 14 hours ago

Mavs got swept in the first round when Dirk won his, IIRC.


[–]sirfray 214 points 13 hours ago

Not swept but yeah he got embarrassed. Mavs had the best record that year and got beat by the 8th seed Warriors in 6.


[–][MIA] Justise Winslow Got_Too_Much_Dayum 67 points 13 hours ago

That was the year after they got beat by us in the Finals right? 2007?


[–]sirfray 92 points 13 hours ago

Yeah Dirk was having a lot of ups and downs back then haha


[–]76ers Hesi_Pull-up_Timbo 50 points 13 hours ago

James Harden is about to be robbed of an MVP so of course I couldn't give a shit. Nothing about Giannis' season was historic, everything about Harden's was.


[–]Supersonics kenjirouen 225 points 18 hours ago

Should be Harden anyway.


[–][HOU] Montrezl Harrel lisomorphZeta 58 points 13 hours ago

I love you.


[–]91jumpstreet 18 points 11 hours ago

media hates how Harden plays basketball . they have him his award last year


[–]Rockets Jpotatos 24 points 10 hours ago

For real, dropped 50 or more for like 2 weeks and it was all about Giannis dunking

But the media thinks he always chokes, just look at how people talk about the rockets when he had something like 35/7/5/2/2 vs a healthy golden state team vs how they talk about Kawhi even though he went over 30 like twice.

I'm sorry I get heated like this but the harden hate is amazing.




[–]Hawks freerobertshmurder 48 points 11 hours ago

imagine if lebron averaged 36/7/7 and carried a hobbled and injured team to 54 wins while scoring 30+ in 32 straight fames

they'd have engraved the trophy with his name by February



[–]Rockets IWonFriendsWithSalad 33 points 12 hours ago

Giannis was crowned before the season even started. It was always an uphill battle for Harden to win.


[–]76ers belgiumwaffles 62 points 17 hours ago

At this point I don’t care who wins mvp, it’s pointless now. Giannis win the chip? Nope? Then who cares. It’s draft time.


[–]Bulls _Flashpoint_ 266 points 17 hours ago

All attention now is on the draft.


[–]Bulls thepobv 96 points 12 hours ago

Yeah I'm really curious to see who the first pick will be.


[–]manicbasha 66 points 11 hours ago

kwame brown



[–]Bulls BigPoppaPuff 545 points 17 hours ago

dunno who thought the Award Show thing was a good idea. I guess they stole it from the NHL? Hopefully they scrap it soon. I barely remember that Harden was MVP last season because of the timing.


[–]NBA spiattalo 60 points 16 hours ago

They want it to be their version of the Academy Awards. Or, more likely, they wanted more money from advertising.


[–]Bulls BigPoppaPuff 59 points 16 hours ago

Best way to kill the ad revenue is to not watch.


[–]Bulls Adecagodelphalaide 206 points 16 hours ago

Or why not have the awards show before the playoffs start?


[–][MIL] Malcolm Brogdon Snasty728 216 points 16 hours ago

Season ends on a Tuesday, awards show Thursday, playoffs start Saturday. Love it.


[–]Bucks JGlow12 227 points 15 hours ago

Teams would hate it. They want to be going over film with their best player instead of flying him out to LA for an awards ceremony.

Scrap the ceremony and just have the MVP celebration take place in the city of the winner like it used to.



[–]Raptors jaybrarrrrr 14 points 14 hours ago

If they’re gonna do an awards ceremony. Just delay post season like 4-5 days and do it before playoffs start! It can also act as a little buffer for teams before the go into it. Otherwise go back to letting them accept it on home court.


[–]Raptors No_Fence 103 points 13 hours ago

On the bright side Siakam's MIP award is gonna be lit as fuck


[–]murderousone 27 points 13 hours ago

If Dlo wins there will be riots



[–]MysticKnives 934 points 17 hours ago

To be fair GSW’s injuries seem to be getting even more talk than the Raptors winning their first championship


[–][NYK] Baron Davis themariokarters 13 points 12 hours ago

I mean. How often do two of the best players ever sustain catastrophic injuries in the same series?


[–][CLE] Kevin Love quentin-coldwater 64 points 14 hours ago

Not surprising. Two hall of famers in their primes (and two of the ten greatest shooters in NBA history) in one the greatest dynasties in the NBA history got career-altering injuries in back to back games to lose the NBA finals, end the dream of a threepeat, and they're both free agents this summer.


[–]Trail Blazers _Quetzalcoatlus_ 132 points 17 hours ago

Honestly though, I'm usually not that interested in long coverage of how a team won. We all saw it happen and it's been discussed a ton, and it's just not that interesting to talk about now. They deserve lots of coverage I guess, but I'm not watching it

I think the Warriors injuries, and how the will change team building strategies around the league, are more interesting.



[–]Sullan08 15 points 13 hours ago

Yeah it's kinda boring to hear about the winning team a lot.

Who wants more than a couple days coverage of "Well they played really good and won! Uhhhh yeah Kawhi is good, Lowry good, other players good...shit how much longer we gotta do this?"



[–]pecan_party 133 points 16 hours ago*

The two injuries that happened last night are going to reshape the NBA in a way that nobody predicteded.

How many teams are going to try to go all-in now knowing that the West is wide open. how is this going to change free agency for some teams that we're going to go hard after KD and Klay Thompson. This stuff is super intriguing.



[–]Spurs Have_Another_Comma 113 points 16 hours ago

The entire 2020 season changed in the span of two games. KD and Klay going down is going to be a massive shift in what teams try to do next year. We haven't had an NBA with both conferences wide open in a long long time.