【键盘侠】近十年最佳阵出炉|中锋式微 霍华德是最大遗珠?

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【键盘侠】近十年最佳阵出炉|中锋式微 霍华德是最大遗珠?

2010s All-Decade Team: 1st team: Curry, Harden, James, Durant, Leonard. 2nd team: Paul, Westbrook, Davis, Griffin, Anthony. 3rd team: Wade, Bryant, George, Aldridge, Antetokoumpo.



[–]Heat s pyda34 1108 points 9 hours ago

Kinda weird seeing all decade team without centers, the league has changed so much in last 10 years


[–]Raptors ElectricFrankie 324 points 8 hours ago

No Dwight Howard? Ouch


[–][CLE] Kevin Love quentin-coldwater 369 points 6 hours ago

Yeah, that's a glaring omission IMO. In the first half of the decade he had 5 All-NBAs (3 1sts) and 2 DPOYs and finished 4th, 2nd, and 7th in MVP voting.

I'd 100% put him ahead of Giannis for this past decade.


[–]Celtics Mexter-Dorgan 85 points 5 hours ago

over Aldridge too. Hell that is all more impressive than Melo too.


[–]thartle8 91 points 6 hours ago

I think Dwight should be somewhere on here. He wasn’t dominant for long but just as long as Giannis has been. But that’s about the only center I could think of belonging near this list


[–][PHI] Francisco Elson LetsConquerThisBread 69 points 6 hours ago

Dwight was still great early in the 2010s, but long enough to make the All-Decade team? Idk. His peak kinda fell awkwardly in between the 2000s and 2010s


[–]thartle8 71 points 6 hours ago

Yeah 2008-2012 were his peak years but 2010-2012 were still a dominant 3 years. Giannis is on this list with only 3 really good years.


[–]NBA tdotRuk 69 points 7 hours ago

Ya seems like they value the end of the decade more than the start.


[–]Warriors DeadZombie9 74 points 6 hours ago

And yet Kobe and Wade are on the list. It seems like they just don't like centers.


[–]shadracko 47 points 5 hours ago

This is a great point. Dwight went #4, #2, #7 in MVP voting in '10-'12, and was an all-star 2 more years after that.

Giannis went #7, #6, #1 for '17-'19.

As much as Dwight is a lazy joke with a skill set that hasn't aged well, he was a beast who made a huge impact. Probably some recency bias there. Advanced stats don't love Dwight, though.




[–][PHI] Eric Snow PhillyFreezer_ 60 points 8 hours ago

It was a dry spell for C's. The league hasn't changed, there just weren't that many good C's during that time. Look at the list of C's now. Embiid, Jokic, Gobert, KAT, Vucevic, Cousins, Drummond, Capela, Whiteside. All pretty damn good players and a few franchise centerpieces. 2 of the biggest impact defenders in the league are C's right now so it's not like the league has moved past them. The league quite literally can't get passed them lol


[–][PHI] Joel Embiid sharke93 29 points 8 hours ago

Yeah there will be more centers on the all 2020 teams most likely


[–]NBA F7U12_ANALYSIS 20 points 6 hours ago

The league hasn't changed

Yes it certainly has mi amor. Over the last ten years the game has gotten way more inside-out than outside-in, which has diminished the importance of Bigs.


[–]Rockets Melonprimo 483 points 9 hours ago

Embiid rose too late. If he performed at least from his 2nd year, at least he'd be at third team.


[–]Heat spyda34 94 points 9 hours ago

Yeah your right about that he defo would have gotten maybe I would throw in hoford as well even do he is not a true center he played most of his career as center


[–]Rockets Melonprimo 145 points 9 hours ago

Also we forgot about KAT. Man has been balling since his rookie year, but not a single mention.

The shakiest in this team, imo, is Kobe Bryant and LaMarcus Aldridge. Klay or Dame could replace him but Kobe is such a big name to ignore. Al Horford, Gasol brothers, or Dwight (he was good from 2010 to 2015, so 6 years of production?) could replace Aldridge as well.



[–]Kevin_Durants_Alt 137 points 8 hours ago

Kobe belongs on the 2000s all decade team. First team, even. Putting him in for the 2010s is unjustifiable, purely a name pick


[–]No Seks 269 points 7 hours ago

First team, even.

Why the even lol he's absolutely first team



[–]NBA TheAmbitious1 74 points 7 hours ago

How the fuck is putting Kobe on the 2010s all decade team unjustifiable but putting Giannis is ok? Kobe had 3 great seasons this decade, same as Giannis


[–]Celtics Conor27 69 points 6 hours ago

Yeah having Giannis on here and having Kawhi on the first team are probably the two most questionable picks, imo.


[–]Warriors The_Void_Reaver 56 points 6 hours ago*

I think Kawhi is justified because his name is permanently tied to two Finals and two FMVPs. I could understand putting AD up there if you wanted to go mostly on stats but, IMO, after last season Kawhi 100% deserves 1st team all decade. Like it said in the article, the first team won 10 championships this decade.



[–][GSW] Kevin Durant shanetrey5 77 points 10 hours ago

Incredibly lucky to have gotten to see all this generations unique legends at the top of their game.


[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook thugangsta 13 points 8 hours ago

I know right. It's so exciting to watch NBA right now.


[–]76ers Johns-Roast-Pork 316 points 9 hours ago

I can dig it. These players are all worthy, especially considering it’s an All-Decade team.


[–][TOR] Morris Peterson whodthefookisthatguy 103 points 9 hours ago

Yeah, this is a really accurate list imo. Is it voted on by media or how is it decided?


[–][ORL] Vince Carter derekcpl[S] 45 points 9 hours ago

Players were chosen by a panel from NBA.com and NBA TV.


[–]Thunder klatcd 929 points 8 hours ago

Otherwise known as the Oklahoma City Thunder all-decade roster.


[–]MagicTheHornyHobbit 28 points 6 hours ago

Isn't it? Am I missing someone?

Harden, Durant, Westbrook, George



[–]Lakers KDBurner_ 28 points 6 hours ago



[–]Thunder Mitropa69 198 points 6 hours ago*

And that’s not counting CP3 who is on OKC now.


[–]Hornets philjacksonspeyote 43 points 8 hours ago

It’s absolutely shocking that OKC didn’t win a title this decade.


[–]blackpenance 15 points 6 hours ago

More shocking they didn't pay Harden lmao


[–]Apple Muffin12 59 points 7 hours ago

That many good players...


[–][MEM] Allen Iverson 5t3v3n23 1149 points 9 hours ago

Cant believe they put Thanasis Antetokoumpo on the all-decade team.


[–][ORL] Vince Carter derekcpl[S] 519 points 9 hours ago

Thomas Bryant on 3rd team is questionable too


[–]Bulls tummysqueker[] 106 points 8 hours ago*

Meyers L3G3ND definitely deserves to be on the 1st team though


[–][LAC] Bill Walton PMinisterOfMalaysia 16 points 6 hours ago

I can't believe Paul George made the second and third team.


[–][LAL] Rick Fox melperz 37 points 8 hours ago

James Harden is so good he was listed twice


[–]Suns clearsurname 20 points 9 hours ago

Uhh anyone gonna comment on the lack of Nowitzki here? He won a championship against the Heat big 3 this decade


[–]Mavericks Compton528 56 points 7 hours ago

Dirk gotta be on here if we putting Giannis.


[–]Raptors TyCooper8 42 points 4 hours ago

the whole list has hella bad recency bias


[–]seasodiumchloride 111 points 7 hours ago

Somebody forgot Dirk played basketball. Really well.


[–]Suns iamadragan 28 points 6 hours ago*

I thought so too but he only made 4 all star games this decade, one 2nd team and one 3rd team all-nba. He doesn't really have an argument for this decade


[–][DAL] Steve Nash aceofspadez138 19 points 4 hours ago

They counted it from 09-10. He had two second team and one third team selection, 5 all-star selections, and a championship. I don’t know if that’s enough to make it, but something to consider. Might be more deserving over one of the third teamers.


[–]Suns iamadragan 8 points 4 hours ago

Oh I didn't know that year counted. Then yeah he should've definitely been in consideration. Probably moreso than Giannis especially with the 2011 finals.



[–]Warriors klankthompson 42 points 11 hours ago

Il take this decades top 5 vs any. I said it.


[–]Kevin_Durants_Alt 96 points 10 hours ago

That's not crazy, but I think I'd have to bet on 90s. Stockton, Jordan, Pippen, Olajuwon, Shaq? Or something like that. Yeesh


[–]Lakers KobilleBryeal 43 points 10 hours ago*

Give me 2000s.

Dwade Kobe Lebron Duncan Shaq

Shaq would have a field day with any of those guys guarding him.




[–]Pelicans PattyMaHeisman 44 points 9 hours ago

80s would be as good too, imo. Magic, Bird, Jordan, Hakeem, Kareem, Dr. J, or whoever else you’d have top 5.


[–]Knicks BanBandwagonersNow 60 points 9 hours ago

Melo getting some respect.


[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook thugangsta 22 points 8 hours ago

As he should


[–][IND] George Hill NABAKLAB 10 points 6 hours ago

Yeah. He's one of the few ones who have put up 10K points for two different franchises.


[–]Wizards bforbes0605 472 points 9 hours ago

Wade/Kobe/Giannis are questionable, the 2010s won’t be any of their best decades


[–]benson822175 31 points 7 hours ago

Early 2010s wade and Kobe were still top 2 SGs in the league for a while and both won rings in the decade so it makes sense to me


[–][MIA] Josh Richardson THEKIDFL6 98 points 10 hours ago

Kobe? Yes Ik he won them the ‘ship in 2010 but is that really enough, paired with the fact he only played half of the decade, and most of it he was hurt/not his former self


[–]Lakers LovetheNBA23 98 points 9 hours ago

He had 4 All-NBA first teams in the decade. That's more than Kawhi and one less than Harden.


[–]Nets LiaM_CS 29 points 10 hours ago

Yeah Kobe’s only real accomplishment was the chip in 2010. And if that’s good enough to get him in then Dirk should probably be in for aldridge as well.


[–]Raptors austine567 30 points 7 hours ago

1st team all NBA isn't an accomplishment anymore? or All-Defensive?


[–]Mavericks RaefLaFriends 34 points 8 hours ago

Lillard prolly had a better decade than Kobe.


[–]Raptors austine567 66 points 7 hours ago*

How do you figure?

Dame - 4 Time All NBA (1x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd), 4 Time All Star, RotY. 7x Player of the week, 7x Rookie of the Month. 23.5/4.2/6.3 on .434/.368/.889

Kobe - 4 Time All NBA (All 1st Team), 3 Time All-Defensive (2x 1st, 1x 2nd), 7 Time All Star, 9x Player of the Week, 4x Player of the Month, 1 Finals MVP, 1 Championship, 1 All Star Game MVP. 24.7/5.1/4.8 on .431/.309/.829

I don't think he had a better decade.





[–]Bulls lilmaldo 4 points 2 hours ago

Using all star selections for this argument is a joke. Kobe was getting voted as a starter even when he was out for the season and when it was clear it was his last season. Essentially, he was making the all star team off popularity alone. Damian on the other hand was notably snubbed 2 years.


[–]Starksgoon 26 points 7 hours ago

You gotta take into account Lillard had more seasons. Lillard barely missed games in his 7 seasons. Kobe missed around 2 seasons in his 6 seasons for the decade and still got the both all stars. Meanwhile, Lillard was averaging 27 ppg and didn’t even make all nba or all star. Lillard definitely had the better decade.


[–][GSW] Kevin Durant ThenVariety 238 points 9 hours ago

Kobe and Wade are weird but I can’t immediately think of someone to replace them. As for Giannis, even Rose has an arguably better decade.



[–][MIA] Jason Williams WhoopingKing 700 points 8 hours ago

kahwi has no business being 1st team


[–]Rockets rfreho 132 points 7 hours ago

Yeah, doesn’t make any sense


[–]dogfoodlid 57 points 7 hours ago

Who else had two or more Finals mvps in the decade?

I also was surprised



[–]Rockets rfreho 119 points 7 hours ago

Dude’s only been averaging over 20 for the last 3-4 years, also one can argue he didn’t deserve the first fmvp.

I can’t think of anyone specific but there have been better player this DECADE.



[–]Rockets byRockets 24 points 7 hours ago

First FMVP he was a role player, bunch of spurs players deserved it too.

Second FMVP he got lucky bc golden state lost everyone



[–]Clippers SlyHoooper 69 points 7 hours ago

The 2014 chip was a great team effort but he absolutely deserved fmvp cmon


[–]En_lighten 39 points 5 hours ago

Westbrook was better this decade, I think.


[–]Raptors howdopearethedrops 41 points 6 hours ago

If it was 2015-2019 he's absolutely first team, but he didn't really do much in the first half of the decade outside of Finals MVP in 2014, which he really only got because of a 3 game hot streak to end the series.


[–]Spurs Very-Original 24 points 5 hours ago

He’s not first team during that time. Dude didn’t even play one entire season during that span.


[–]bobbycurls 185 points 10 hours ago

I think Kawhi is a better player than Westbrook, but if we are talking all-decade team, I got Curry, Russ, Harden, LBJ, KD for my first team.


[–]Raptors lifecantgetyouhigh 227 points 9 hours ago

People acting like Kawhi has been a 2 way KD his whole career.


[–]Bein_true 77 points 8 hours ago

Or like he is now...


[–]Lakers AmnestyTHAT 65 points 8 hours ago

Kawhi went from being underrated to being overrated in one season. If you compare the regular seasons most of those players have had for years, he is wayy behind.


[–]Lakers The_NA_Deft 38 points 8 hours ago

I personally don't think Kawhi is a top 5 player of this decade. Yes, he has two rings and two Finals MVP's, but that 1st ring and FMVP could have been won by any other player on this list if you replaced Kawhi with that player on the 2014 Spurs. On top of that, he has 3 All-NBA selections during this time period, which is tied for the lowest during this time period. I personally think Westbrook or CP3 deserve the 1st team selection because of how elite they've been this entire decade and not just the second half


[–]Supersonics xRyuzakii 42 points 8 hours ago

I don’t see how Russ doesn’t get in the first team... he has been a monster since his first season in the league. He might not be better than kawhi or James now but has definitely been good for far longer