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Steve Nash averaged shooting splits of51/44/91 from the year 2004 to the year 2012



Unreal efficiency to look at, probably theonly guy to really be as efficient with the ball in his hands compared toCurry. All while averaging 16/3/11. Those assist numbers cannot be slept on.




[–]j_skiddles 1278 指標 9 天前

The Phoenix Suns went from 29 wins to WCFunder Nash's first season. He was so good at leading a teams offense that Idont even think the stats showed it properly. He would always make the rightplay every single time down the court.


[–][TOR] Pops Mensah-BonsuSaprano44 568 指標 9 天前

The season they went 29 wins they startedthe year off with Marbury, Marion, Johnson, Stoudemire, Hardaway.

The next season they got Nash and QuentinRichardson and then win 62 games. A lot of people tried to credit this to Statgetting better, but he was injured the next season and the Suns still won 54games and made it to the WCF.



[–]BucksiFinesseThePlug 338 指標 9 天前

We should give some credit to Mike D'Antonitoo. Took over as interim coach in 2004, then implemented his own system in theoffseason before 2005.



[–]MagicSamURLJackson 84 指標 9 天前*

The team traded Marbury halfway through theprevious season as well, relying on Barbosa at point (I think Barbosa's rookieyear) so I've always thought that must've helped Marion and Stoudemire developas well, with Marbury and his shot totals out of the way and able to befeatured more offensively. Stoudemire was still very raw at the time but Ithink I remember him flourishing post-Marbury, which was very encouraging. Soyou have these two young guys who have had half of a season to be featured more,then an offseason to work on what they figured was needed based on thatexperience, and then they get this all-time great point guard to set them allup perfectly

I remember being kind of skeptical of thatsigning at the time and I feel like such a fool. With hindsight, Nash andStoudemire was the perfect pairing. It wasn't like I or anyone else doubtedthat Nash was great. The contract just seemed long and Nash's back was aproblem in Dallas. Hardly anyone could've predicted that Steve would have a physicalrenaissance and in an offense perfectly suited for him.



[–]BullsMaster3NIGM4 48 指標 9 天前

Man I loved watching the suns during thistime. I rooted for them so damn hard every time in the post season. Nash isstill probably my favorite point guard. Liable on defense but he definitelygave full effort. They were much like bulls later on. Probably could have won achip had they not been plagued with injuries to their core and losing JJ to theHawks.


[–][LAL] Pau GasolRunDatTriangle 113 指標 9 天前

And that's why I will always defend hisfirst MVP. 100% earned.


[–]AamaraSimons 45 指標 9 天前

It was pretty bogus for the TNT guys tolabel him the worst MVP and soley trashed him only looking at his stats. Iremember anytime nash was playing on NBA league pass back in 2005 was mustwatch. His teams would put up 120s back when other teams were still grindingout games in the 80s.


[–]W1NSL0W 326 指標 9天前

People forget that he also had a chronicback problem that impaired him throughout his career. One of the toughest MFersout there.


[–]RaptorsIanicRR 134 指標 9 天前*

Also take a look at his team’s offensiveratings from like 2002 to 2012 relative the rest of the league.

I firmly believe Nash is the second bestoffensive shot creating (y'all right, Steph is hard to argue against) pointguard of all time (there’s no touching Magic). His defence really holds himback from top 5 overall but there weren’t many players who could conduct anoffense like he did.

I'm a Raptors fan first and foremost but Iwas in 10th grade when Nash won his first MVP. I watched probably as much SSOLSuns as I did my own Raptors. That dude was our national hero. He was sofantastic to watch because he had no fear. Throw a bad turnover on onepossession? Doesn't matter, he's still gonna throw a crazy pass through threedefenders on the next possession if he thinks that's the best option to score.I dreamed of playing like him and I got benched more than a few times in highschool for throwing some needlessly flashy passes to teammates who weren'texpecting them or my pass just sailed out of bounds. No regrets baby.





[–]-Buckaroo_Banzai- 252 指標 9 天前

And the Mavs let him walk..

..yeah still not over it.




[–]Pistonshammerandnailz 102 指標 9 天前

If he was playing now he’d be shooting morethan twice as many threes. Probably could average 25+ in today’s environment.


[–]Spursmuktheduck 83 指標 9 天前

He probably could've averaged 25 in thatenvironment too, if he chucked as many shots as the other stars of the era.

The suns winning percentage was lower themore Nash scored over assisted, even on similar efficiencies. His assists ledto such efficient shots that there were even more valuable than a 50/40/90line. Nash openly acknowledged that stat and said it pushed him to play a veryheavy pass first style




[–][DET] ChaunceyBillupsSittingOnA_Cornflake 35 指標 9 天前

A shame those Suns teams never won a title.I hope people don’t forget about them.


[–]Lakersyuhanz 45 指標 9 天前

Fuck Horry


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryantiamnotkobe 22 指標 9 天前

Nash was a two times all star when heplayed for Mavs, after Cuban let him walked when he reached 30 yo, he proceedto become 6 times all star while winning 2 MVPs in a row,

Cuban should've keep him