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The Philadelphia 76ers currently have the same road record as the New York Knicks,They’re both 9-19 on the road.


Some other teams of note who are performing better than the 76ers on the road this season:

Minnesota (9-16)

Phoenix (11-14)

Pelicans (10-16)

Orlando (9-18)



[–]Knicks Joetheshow1 598 指標 15小時前

Knicks are basically a playoff team so I don't see what's noteworthy about this


[–]Raptors mikeydale007 348 指標 14小時前

Knicks are closer to the playoffs than the Raptors are to catching up to the Bucks.


[–][MIL] Ray Allen MilwaukeeMan420 154 指標 14小時前

14 straight though. Definitely makin us sweat.


[–]Celtics NeverTopComment 95 指標 14小時前

7 Straight from Boston now too!! We coming for you!!!

Well no we def arent, but its fun to dream.



[–][MIL] Ray Allen MilwaukeeMan420 64 指標 13小時前

1st seed is cool and all but if we dont win the finals this year, it's a giant failure


[–]Raptors 6ixDeshaunWatson4 42 指標 13小時前

thank god this expectation is lifted. Trust me dude, it’s gonna be a LONG road just keep your blood pressure in check.


[–][BOS] Dwayne Schintzius DemonLlama77 5 指標 11小時前

Regular seasons (and to some degree the playoffs) are a LOT more fun when the whole world isn't expecting your team to win every game by 20 and viewing every negative event as world-breaking.


[–][MIL] Ray Allen MilwaukeeMan420 22 指標 13小時前

I dont see anyone in the east catching the Bucks. But that doesn't mean they cant upset us in the playoffs.


[–]vansmith85 7 指標 10小時前

I keep looking at this year as a Raptors fan and very openly admit that the east runs through MIL this year. Sure, someone like the Raps could upset the Bucks (as they did to an extent last year) but I'm not so confident that MIL is going to give any ground this time.


[–]Raptors JevvyMedia 3 指標 9小時前

What's interesting about the Bucks isn't that they magically got better because they replaced Brogdon with someone else. It's just that all their key guys have stepped up and/or gotten better, and they've improved their depth even more. Hopefully Bledsoe won't disappear in the playoffs (unless it's against the Raptors again).



[–]76ers FlyProcessFly 1347 指標 15小時前

Aye fade me fam


[–][PHI] Joel Embiid lardbiscuits 563 指標 15小時前

No dude. Everything is fine now, and all the criticism of the team is just from haters, because we beat the Grizzlies at home and then sweated out a win against the Bulls at home while giving up career highs to Luke Kornett and Felicio.


[–]RunThePnR 432 指標 14小時前

You telling me Korkmaz wont average 32.5 ppg on 90.88% TS for the rest of the season with Simmons generational passing???


[–]76ers palerthanrice 59 指標 13小時前

Love how Glenn Robinson comes in and goes 5-6, with 4 of those coming from cuts to the basket. You can tell he comes from a well coached team, considering I haven't seen that type of basic off ball movement all fucking year.

I don't understand why we keep playing out on the perimeter when nobody can shoot. When Embiid gets doubled, cut to the rim. When someone closes out on a shooter, cut to the rim. Even if you don't get the ball, you're in a position for a rebound.

This is middle school basketball shit.




[–]76ers daregulater 27 指標 13小時前

I was just talking about this at work the other day. Whenever Embiid gets the ball in the post, everyone else on the court goes to a spot and just stand there! I'm always yelling at the TV "MOVE MUTHAFUCKAS!" No one is cutting, no one is rotating, they're standing there like idiots. Thats just lack of coaching period.


[–]76ers NotJoeyWheeler 13 指標 9小時前

So that’s intentional, because Joel has terrible passing vision. Brett’s explained this before, when Jo’s posting up and gets doubled, he needs really straightforward simple reads, with everyone in clear places he can expect. It’s fine to disagree with that, but that’s the rationale.

And I say this because when we’ve played out of Ben in the post in the past, Brett does have players cutting and rotating and moving around off-ball. So it’s not like he’s explicitly against it. If anything, he’s very much in love with free-flowing motion offenses, and doesn’t really have the personnel to execute it.

I do think that there’s an unfortunate lack of cutting on the team, though it’s hard to tell if it’s poor coaching, poor passing, or poor cutting instincts. Likely a mix.




[–]22Savage671 2 指標 12小時前

Poor Embiid :(. I was stoked with this Sixers team after getting Horford and JRich. This is not the outcome I expected.


[–]76ers daregulater 11 指標 12小時前

Poor everybody. This team has no identity because Brett Brown doesnt have a coaching identity. When Embiid isnt in the game they have a more free flowing offense with Ben pushing it and freestyling. I dont blame Joel. It's hard to have a fluid offense when your coaching philosophy is go to your spot when Embiid has the ball. Also, he doesnt call plays. Its ridiculous and frustrating watching this offense sometimes.


[–]TheTranquilBeavers 3 指標 11小時前

I don't know if I personally consider Brown a bad coach, but I don't think Philly will ever be better than this unless they can him. During the Celtics-Sixers series a couple years back when Philly made its first big playoff push in the post-process era, you could see just how badly outcoached he was by Brad the entire series. Awful timeout management, no adjustments or answers for the schemes we were using to slow your guys, just altogether a really uninspiring gameplan considering the talent on the team.


[–]76ers daregulater 2 指標 10小時前

I dont think he's a bad coach either. I just dont think hes a championship coach. He seems to me more of a coach for underdogs


[–]76ers rocco888 10 指標 14小時前

Philly usually does good under BB at the end of the season. He will shorten the bench and solidify the rotations. If we go thru Ben on the break and Embiid in the halfcourt game that has worked. When we are behind we put in matisse and we put Fork , Burks, and GR3 when we arent scoring. Our problem is closing esp turnovers from Ben and Embiid. I wish we had a strong PG so Ben could play off the ball at the end. At least his free throws have gotten much better.



[–]FerriPPP 225 指標 15小時前

Check out the Mavs home record if you wanna be truly disgusted


[–]Mavericks forehead___ 173 指標 15小時前

It is 14-13, its bad but it's nowhere near as bad as 9-19 on the road


[–]Knees Mcgee 216 指標 15小時前

As a fan I’d def rather my team win at home than on the road though lol


[–]FerriPPP 87 指標 15小時前

Yes. Protecting home court is so fucking important for teams with playoff aspirations.


[–]Mavericks forehead___ 31 指標 14小時前

Conversely, the sixers as the standings currently are will not have home court advantage in the playoffs and it very well could cause them to lose in the first round


[–]Warriors S1ckn4sty44 50 指標 14小時前

If they lost in the first round I think this sub would go nuts


[–]76ers palerthanrice 6 指標 13小時前

Depends on the coaching matchup, but it could easily happen. Out of the top six teams, Brett Brown is clearly the worst coach out of all of them.


[–]Celtics  [Jaylen Brown]BlueLanternCorps 28 指標 14小時前

I mean, if the standings stay around the same it shouldn't really shock anyone. Theyll play the heat on the road, where they still struggle to beat garbage teams. I don't think a heat win would surprise anyone


[–][MIA] Josh Richardson Mellothewise 77 指標 15小時前

They won 2 in a row already and are going to get JRich back soon; don't think it makes sense to talk shit about them ...for now.


[–]Bucks panick21 4 指標 14小時前

The Bulls and the Grizz at home. Wow.


[–]76ers Freak_Fest 24 指標 14小時前

JRich is back


[–]Bucks The_Sign_of_Zeta 35 指標 15小時前

At this point, the narrative on them isn't going to change unless they have a road winning streak. It's too pronounced a difference for a team that looks like it'll be a 5-6 seed.


[–]76ers deeznutz_428 15 指標 15小時前

I don’t think the problems they have have gone away because they beat the Grizzlies and Bulls at home, the shit talk was kind of out of control for a team that has had some solve-able issues but I don’t think the past two games change anything


[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook will1816 3 指標 13小時前

People put everything on Simmons but he's been seemingly improved lately while Embiid has been disappointing all season


[–]76ers Go-BirdsLII 3 指標 12小時前

Simmons has been the best player on the Sixers all year but hE cAnT sHoOt. It’s extremely obvious that someone is talking without actually knowing or having watched anything when they target Ben Simmons. The man played like 40+ minutes in like 8 straight games, all at his best.

Embiid’s been struggling and that’s obvious to everyone, watching or not. But something that is noticeable from watching is that he plays almost one-handed since his injury.




[–]76ers tffj2 11 指標 14小時前

I'm sad again


[–]76ers Wentzsylvania13 110 指標 15小時前

I think the road woes started as an effort thing and then as it started to become a noticeable problem it got to their heads.


[–]76ers MoreShenanigans 5 指標 11小時前

I wonder when was the last time a play off team had this big of a disparity at home vs away?


[–]imtayloronreddit 25 指標 14小時前

should just start resting Embiid on the road and see if a Ben Simmons led Sixers can get some more dubs, we've seen what he can do in the past

I mean shit, it cant really go worse right??



[–]Thunder Smart_Water 10 指標 13小時前

i hate philly sports more than anything on this earth, but i will admit you guys are getting shit on a lot.


[–]76ers hashtagboner 11 指標 13小時前

Honestly I don’t even get why people here care about the Sixers getting shit on so much. We’re practically surrounded by a whole fucking country that also hates our teams .


[–]Celtics MindTheEdge 2 指標 7小時前

Man after us getting so much shit from Sixers fans last year, Imma just sit here with my popcorn.