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[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Clippers (5-2) defeat the Phoenix Suns (5-2), 112 - 107




[–]Suns Quade_ 140 指標 54 分鐘前

The Suns fought back from a 31 point deficit and made this a nail biter. Never would’ve happened the past few years. Really happy with this team. GG clips


[–]Clippers dezthompson 22 指標 46 分鐘前

Love watching your guys growth. Good luck this season


[–]Warriors The_Void_Reaver 35 指標 46 分鐘前

Stopped watching around 60-32 thinking this would be a statement win for the Clippers.

Came back at 94-102 to enjoy the statement loss for the Suns.

This team will not go away and I'm here for it.




[–]Clippers AeroXero 19 指標 47 分鐘前

At the same time no way Clippers win last year if Kawhi played this bad, team blew leads often when he struggled or sat. He was never allowed to have an off night and still win. Big team improvement.


[–]rich01992 11 指標 51 分鐘前

Clippers vs suns in the playoffs would be a fun one.


[–]Suns rice_bledsoe 3 指標 49 分鐘前

Surely the clips couldn't blow a lead to us


[–]Clippers FerneeVengenz 18 指標 51 分鐘前*

Props to Phoenix for making that comeback. I watched the game through their broadcast, and the analyst said that this team needs to learn how to deal with large deficits, and they ultimately showed that they can hang.

Brutal game for Kawhi. Idk if it’s the mask that is bothering him, or simply shut it down early thinking the 31 point lead was enough to coast by.

And finally, a lineup of Lou/Reggie/Kennard is asking for trouble if you’re Ty Lue. No more of that please.

Gg Suns!





[–][GSW] Stephen Curry Nyhrox 19 指標 52 分鐘前

If Kawhi doesn't get you, PG will


[–]Clippers bypaular 26 指標 54 分鐘前

Kawhi almost cost us the game. Paul George won us the game.

I can’t believe I’m saying this lmao



[–]Suns sylvestersquad 75 指標 50 分鐘前

This the early season MVP PG coming through


[–]Suns toasty_- 32 指標 50 分鐘前

If he’s playing like that, wtf are you supposed to do? gg Clips


[–]Suns sylvestersquad 21 指標 48 分鐘前

We played him well, when he’s on his A game he’s a cheat code and top 5 player in the league. When he’s off it’s ugly


[–]Hornets NotQuincyPondexter 26 指標 53 分鐘前

PG is so disrespected, guy is an absolute monster


[–]JayNew2K 11 指標 49 分鐘前

Seriously. The hate he received makes you think he’s a Wiggins-type player.


[–]West SirCharles54 34 指標 50 分鐘前

They were people saying they would take Siakam over him lol.


[–]Thunder SillyRabbit2121 72 指標 50 分鐘前

He's easily a top 15 player in the league and has been for years now.

People forget that it was as recent as 2019 where he was a MVP finalist, DPOY finalist and finished 2nd in scoring.

Guy is an efficient 3 point shooter and plays good defense.

His game is very aesthetically pleasing to watch too.

People should spend less time hating on him and more time enjoying his game.






[–]Wizards KimBulgogi 1 指標 39 分鐘前

I personally think hes top 10 top5.


[–][IND] Rakeem Christmas DopedUpDoomer 8 指標 33 分鐘前

Hes my fav player but def not top 5. 9-15 is where he's usually been imo and it just comes down to what you value in a player


[–]Clippers TheBoredPragmatist 29 指標 43 分鐘前

That would require people watching the fucking game instead of jerking off about player drama and stats


[–][SEA] Rashard Lewis Thebasedgod_lilb [分數隱藏] 17 分鐘前

Apparently it's too much to ask for in an NBA sub. Most people would rather wait for guys to fail.


[–]Heat Respected-Watcher 2 指標 37 分鐘前

I’m not a PG guy but I’m glad to see him doing well so far this season, the slander he received this offseason got ridiculous

Even I had to defend him when people were trying to convince me that guys like Derozan, KAT, Lowry were better basketballers than him....



[–]Buffalo Braves dkdoki 35 指標 53 分鐘前

Ppl rather hate than praise. Some ppl are scum. That is all


[–]Raptors rambull2000 12 指標 48 分鐘前

pg said as much in the post-game


[–]Buffalo Braves dkdoki 7 指標 45 分鐘前

Yea heard that. Ppl trying to take cheap shots at him bc of last yr. hopefully PG continues his redemption season


[–]Minneapolis Lakers throwaway27yeu [分數隱藏] 34 分鐘前

“Last year” you mean like 4 months ago


[–]Supersonics Zeech720 [分數隱藏] 34 分鐘前

It's not justified but people weigh post-season performance over anything. Which is fair.

FWIW, I've never been part of the PG hate. This sub likes to tear down players more than it likes to praise them.



[–]Clippers ninjah1944 14 指標 53 分鐘前

it won’t be over until he hits a playoff series winner against dame, lebron, etc


[–][LAC] Patrick Beverley Roadhogmainsunite 14 指標 52 分鐘前

He has seriously looked amazing in these 7 games and hopefully he can stay healthy and keep it going.


[–]3WritesToLeft 2 指標 53 分鐘前

PG13 has legitimately been much better than Kawhi so far this year


[–]itstheLAW100 5 指標 56 分鐘前

If PG and Kawhis games been flipped, this would have been the talk of league for 24 hours.. instead it was a squeaked out win for the Clippers that PG absolutely dominated, so it won’t be discussed at all.


[–]Raptors rambull2000 [分數隱藏] 35 分鐘前

every team has a fall guy. if the clippers lost this one pg13 would get blamed somehow



[–]Raptors mMounirM 14 指標 1小時前

kawhi playing like a real raptor out there


[–]Lakers LeBronathanJameson 51 指標 53 分鐘前

Kawhi tried his best to make the Suns come back.


[–]Clippers SuckMyLonzoBalls 13 指標 49 分鐘前

Yeah no idea what was wrong with him tonight


[–]capnchuc 6 指標 57 分鐘前

Yeah masked Kawhi the past two games has missed his "easy" shots. Getting his looks just struggling.


[–]Clippers Demetrios1453 5 指標 35 分鐘前

Eh, probably still recovering from the injury a bit, and everyone has an off game from time to time. No need to worry yet as long as he doesn't make a habit of it.


[–]Suns Thugnotes 1 指標 47 分鐘前

Mikal and Crowder played great defense on him tonight


[–]Suns kingofnick 13 指標 1小時前

Unfortunately we only have one Mikal . DA was so solid switching on to Kawhi and PG when he had to.


[–]Suns Bows_N_Hoes 20 指標 51 分鐘前

Almost blew a 31pt lead, this sub would’ve went nuts


[–]Clippers iliketowhispertoo 20 指標 43 分鐘前

The numbers 3 and 1 still find a way to haunt me.


[–]Tampa Bay Raptors mikeydale007 5 指標 1小時前

Clippers like living life on the edge.


[–]Suns chickenripp 12 指標 42 分鐘前

would have kept the comeback going and won if we didn't take out cam johnson. he shot bad the 1st half but was 2-3 from 3 in the 2nd half and is too good to only play 22 minutes. When we took him out we didn't score for like 3 minutes.


[–]Clippers AeroXero 8 指標 38 分鐘前

He seems improved since his rookie year. I think he will fit in super good with Ayton going forward.


[–]Suns chickenripp [分數隱藏] 29 分鐘前

Cam is great! Took a jump in the bubble and maybe took another tiny one before this season. He Should be our starting PF and closing all our games. But we play jae crowder over him because something something he was a role player in the finals last year. Its not to say crowder is a bad player because everyone knows he's a super solid role player. But Cam is just better than him. any night like tonight cam plays 9 minutes less than jae monty is making a big lineup mistake.


[–]EducatemeUBC 1 指標 44 分鐘前

Why is Booker only shooting 13 times in 45 fucking minutes what happened?


[–]Suns Thugnotes [分數隱藏] 35 分鐘前

We've been working on getting our other players more shots to help spread the floor. It's worked the rest of the season, but not tonight. Clips played good D and our wings were off



[–][LAC] Eric Piatkowskit herohan 38 指標 1小時前

We win with Kawhi going 4-21, that’s a good sign even though we gave up the huge lead.


[–]Suns shaad20 [分數隱藏] 35 分鐘前

Yal shot 59% from 3 which is insane, hard to lose with that kind of shooting no matter whose playing poorly


[–]Clippers Cogito3 7 指標 56 分鐘前

amazing 1st half, awful 2nd half. much respect to the Suns for fighting back down 30 and making it close in the end. you keep that spirit up all season and you'll steal several wins.

we've been moving the ball well all season but we really reverted to iso ball after leading by 30, and it almost killed us. ty lue really needs to hammer home that you have to play the right way all 48 minutes. iso ball needs to either be a last resort or something done to exploit mismatches.

finally, i'm calling it now, Paul George is going to be an MVP candidate this season




[–]Suns DjLionOrder 34 指標 53 分鐘前

Nic Batum and Serge were ridiculously good pickups for the Clippers. Batum is a great starting level player.

We could have had this but the decision making has to be better on both ends.



[–]rich01992 3 指標 49 分鐘前

Chris Paul took ad bad jumper over Ibaka towards the end there. Also booker with a bad 3 pt attempt over pg.