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[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers (23-11) snap a 4-game losing streak by defeating the Portland Trail Blazers (18-14), 102-93.




[–]NbaKOLeWorld 80 指標 2小時前

Without AD and with Dennis: 6-1

Without both: 0-4

Turns out you need more than 1 dynamic ball handler on a team



[–]Laker sRager_YMN_6 133 指標 2小時前

Schroder was iffy playmakin-wise tonight but his shot creating was much needed


[–]Knicks yeahthissubsucks 372 指標 2小時前

Lmao can't believe people actually thought Schroder had no effect


[–]Lakers lalo1398 51 指標 1小時前

That’s how you know they weren’t watching the games. Schroder is playing at an All-Defense level, and lets Bron coast more on offense when he’s in. Literally our third best player


[–]Lakers thereturnofjagger 254 指標 2小時前

You don't notice him unless he's not there. Dennis Schrödinger


[–]Wizards MausoleumNeeson 94 指標 2小時前

Y’all just needed another man who can dribble the ball


[–]Mystic Knives 61 指標 2小時前

This is really it. Bron being literally the only one capable of doing that without AD or Dennis means he’s gonna get gassed. Creating for everyone and yourself is taxing


[–]Lakers Tylerdong 117 指標 2小時前

Its incredible how different of a team the Lakers are with schröder.

-LeBron doesn't have to handlenthe ball every waking moment.

-Kuzma doesn't have to focus as much on scoring, can go back to his new and improved role.

-Caruso can play ore in his role and not be expected to be a primary ball handler.

Obviously not back to full strength without AD, bit I think we should be able to survive his absence






[–]Lakers richard_golbes 47 指標 2小時前

Caruso looked so much better than he has recently.


[–]dicklongthot 43 指標 2小時前

Because having Dennis back frees him up to actually play his role. With Dennis out he basically slides into the role of secondary ball handler to Bron and that is absolutely not his game.


[–][LAL] Coby Karl CaptMarvel23 10 指標 2小時前

He creates alot of movement from the entire defense with his change of speeds, which leads to a pass then another swing and someone is open. His defense was also sorely missed, stuff people aren't going to notice that just look at stats



[–]Lakers LeBronathanJameson 32 指標 2小時前

People really don't understand how big Dennis' role is.

He not only helps with the scoring, he allows Bron to play offball, rest on the floor, the floor also opens up a bit boosting Bron's scoring AND playmaking but most of all, LeBron is able to go ham on defense when he doesn't have to do everything on offense.

Just look at that 3rd quarter. Directing the defense because he's focused a lot more on that end, was there deflecting, stealing or beating his man on every Blazer pass, forced a lot of shots from deep because they couldn't get past him.

People really expected LeBron to do everything on both sides of the floor in the regular season.





[–]Lakers ginbooth 17 指標 2小時前

And Schroder's defense and hustle are severely underrated aspects of his game. He's instant energy on both sides of the ball.



[–]Magic zackarykapowski 13 指標 2小時前

Lebron detractors had their fun for the past week or so.


[–]Yacht Club BooyahX 28 指標 2小時前

Schroder actually relives Lebron out of so much work lol


[–]Lakers NotUpForDebate11 4 指標 1小時前

our guard lineup without schroeder is: unconfident KCP, Caruso, THT, Matthews' corpse. End of story.


[–]Magic zackarykapowski 53 指標 2小時前

Lol people acting like Davis being out was the only reason they were struggling, but they would have been fine in this stretch with Schroder. Would have at least beaten Miami and Washington.


[–][SEA] Shawn Kemp Phuddy 24 指標 2小時前

Yup, and they already did a good job hounding Irving the Nets game, with Dennis playing they might have been able to focus the game plan on trapping Harden


[–]Magic zackarykapowski 9 指標 2小時前

Yeah they would have at least been in the game and competitive.


[–]Lakers Keagan458 14 指標 1小時前

They will never be satisfied unless they see lebron 1v5 a team and win lol


[–]Magic zackarykapowski 15 指標 1小時前

I’ve never seen anything like it. Dude is arguably the goat, but he can lose a regular season game or go through a little losing streak when it’s obvious as to why when you’re missing your second and third best player, but common sense goes out the window when it comes to Lebron. Never seen any player catch so much heat for things that are understandable.

“Lebron lost two straight games in February. Is his legacy on the line?”

I guess his detractors don’t get these moments too much, so they take advantage while they can. Lol




[–]Lakers thereturnofjagger 24 指標 2小時前

People really be expecting Bron to casually turn the clock back to some '15 Finals shit with a missing starting point guard and missing starting PF


[–]spigotry 21 指標 2小時前

I'm sure LeBron could still will a Lakers team w/o AD and Schroeder to win half of their games, but I don't think it's in LeBron's best interest to do that in the regular season.


[–]Lakers thereturnofjagger 2 指標 1小時前

Yeah, dude definitely knows that dropping 40 at the cost of some intense work on a body that already has so much mileage doesn't mean much when all that matters is that the team is somewhere between the 1-8 slots at the end of the season


[–][TOR] Jose Calderon MasaiGotUsNow 18 指標 2小時前

So many idiots bitching about weekly mvp rankings

These dudes really don’t want bron to win



[–]goodolvj 16 指標 2小時前

The anti lebron posts get more upvotes than the pro Embiid ones. They don't care if Embiid wins MVP, just as long as lebron doesn't.


[–]Lakers Donaldtrumpet6543 26 指標 2小時前

Someone just said the win isnt impressive since the blazers have been ass lately lol


[–]Lakers Rager_YMN_6 3 指標 2小時前

Like last year, every bad team we beat doesn't even count as a real win and every good team we beat is suddenly 'trash' after we beat them.


[–]Trail Blazers Classics22 2 指標 59 分鐘前

I mean I don’t think it’s impressive. We aren’t good as we are and dame has just carried us to wins. But it’s pretty irrelevant because you don’t need impressive wins. You’re the best playoff team till proven otherwise(with the best player) and I don’t think any of this stuff really matters for you



[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 222 指標 2小時前

Blazers points by the quarter: 29, 28, 19, 17

That 4th quarter was basically brick after brick for both teams for the most part



[–]Lakers LeBronathanJameson 22 指標 2小時前

Both teams combined for 6/32 from 3 in the 2nd half lol


[–]Knicks McRibsAndCoke 16 指標 2小時前

Put me to sleep.


[–][LAC] Jamal Crawford DetromJoe 13 指標 2小時前

Gasol with a -7 in a win. Has he really been that bad?


[–]Lakers motorboat_mcgee 22 指標 2小時前

He’s just too slow to be useful


[–]Lakers swordsdevil 8 指標 2小時前

still our best 3 points shooter unfortunately


[–]Lakers 00DPark_ 9 指標 2小時前

He’s not that bad it’s just when he messes up you notice it a lot more, but he was pretty bad tonight


[–]Heat sivervipa 18 指標 2小時前

Lebron showing the lakers will be fine. He will drag them to 3rd seed. Regular season is fine. Playoffs is what really matters.


[–]Commit2Sobriety 100 指標 2小時前

A poster earlier today was talking about how it’s sad to see Lebron go out like this because he’s not a top 10 player any more lmao

That legend dude always has the shittiest Lebron takes that he clearly only says out of hatred




[–]sjacnenk 35 指標 2小時前

Lakers put the clamps on the second half. Scary hours


[–]Naekyr 61 指標 2小時前

Monster defence from LeBron


[–][CLE] LeBron James Zachkah 16 指標 1小時前

He's low key the advanced metrics defensive monster this year. Nobody wants to talk about it because defense only matters selectively in awards conversations.


[–]lebronsjameshardens 13 指標 1小時前

He deserves defensive team consideration this year tbh


[–]Lakers LeBronathanJameson 28 指標 2小時前

Miami LeBron paid us a visit tonight


[–]Lakers Mml-Bsr-W97 6 指標 2小時前

Speaking of LeBron, he was locked in defensively tonight. Not just because of the steals and blocks, but his rotations and effort were both high-level; he took on the challenge and succeeded.

The Lakers defense in general looked top-class in the second half. They realized that Portland literally has no offensive set outside setting a double ballscreen for Lillard and then isolating someone.



[–][POR] Eric Maynor BlazeBloom 202 指標 2小時前

Lillard's passes were accurate to LeBron tonight. Good prep for the All-Star game.


[–]Lakers neilbiggie 2 指標 2小時前

Every Blazer player besides Lillard and Trent couldn't shoot at all today. Even Trent struggled a bit. Tough one


[–]Lakers yungtatha 75 指標 2小時前

We did a great job trapping him at the perimeter in the 2nd half. Very reminiscent of how we guarded him in the playoffs.


[–]Lakers LeBronathanJameson 24 指標 2小時前

Also not that hard to shut Dame down if he's the only fucking player the defense has to worry about. Others let him down big.


[–]Trail Blazers Familyguy35 24 指標 2小時前

Cj and Nurk please we need you


[–]Lakers motorboat_mcgee 23 指標 2小時前

I feel you, our stretch missing AD and Dennis was fucking rough. Hope they get healthy soon for you guys


[–]Celtics 4orgeb 20 指標 2小時前

What happened to Covington? Feel like every time I catch a Blazers game dude throws up nothing but bricks


[–]Lakers SmokeOddessey 6 指標 2小時前

He’s always been extremely streaky


[–]Trail Blazers elecorby 12 指標 2小時前

He basically goes 0-4/1-4 or 4-5.

His defense definitely is a huge plus for us though.